sunnuntai 11. joulukuuta 2016

Hi again

So long time, since last time here! I have been avoiding this blog for one stupid reason: here I have this habit to face myself. Facing what´s really is going on in my life. Sounds silly, dosent it?

Well, last year has bees so crazy, busy and rough mentally. I have been taking care of my mother in law, she was in bad shape..but now..even worse. She´s in hospital, has been 3 weeks now and...we are happy if she can recognize us. It happen so suddenly. 3 weeks ago we talked about everything in life; she understood everything. So sharp. Now...well two small strokes and I´m feeding her. In hospital. That iron woman, that strong human!
And..she´s never coming home again. She cant. Cause she´s just... not in this world. I do miss her so.

Guess what? Now I have some time in my hands and I dont know, what to do with it. Usually, I had so busy days: training, jogging, taking care of her... now...I do work out, jog...but there´s a hole in my days.

It´s my favorite time of year, you know, winter..and I dont even see it. Christmas is coming and I dont understand it. We had traditions in X-mas with iron Dont know...and of course my mans, her son,,,now there´s a hard thing to handle. I know that from my situation with my mom long ago. How hard it is to watch your mother to just...slip.

I tried to write some casual, or lighter blog...again I have to admit...not my thing. I just was escaping there. Also, facing my feelings is good, I just need to do that. So... if there´s someone out there...I´m here. And gonna stay.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about life

Yep, I will think that with thought and rise again. I will!

with love,

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  1. Life throws us so many curves Maarit... loss doesn't always mean death... I know how difficult it can be... having someone with us then not be able to talk with them... You realize how much of your life was wrapped up in theirs and it's emotional when it comes apart.

    You know I'm always here Maarit... just send me a message 😚


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